Permanent make-up, also known as Dermapigmentation, Micropigmentation, and Cosmetic Tattooing, is a procedure in which pigment is applied to the dermis to create designs or add color in the same way that traditional makeup would be used.

The practice is used most commonly on the lips and around the eyes, often to produce artificial eyebrows.

Vicki Henke is a licensed Electrolygist with many years in the beauty industry. She is a certified Makeup Artist and Permanent Cosmetic Specialist. Her vast experience with colorskin caremakeup application and her desire to make a woman feel beautiful makes her a top professional in her field.

Vicki takes great pride in making her clients feel beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. Common permanent make up applications include permanent eyeliner, eyebrows and lips.

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Vicki Henke Permanent Cosmetics