Vicki loves what she does

Vicki loves what she does, because she loves to help women look and feel their best.

She offers a variety of services, from permanent hair removal with electrolysis, to skin care, and permanent cosmetics.


She does microdermabrasion to exfoliate dead skin cells, improve skin tone, and give you more vibrant, youthful looking skin and offers a variety of PCA chemical peels, for treating acne and maturing skin.


Vicki also offers a number of permanent cosmetic procedures including eyeliner; eyebrow shaping, filling in, and color enhancement; full lip color; and areola reconstruction for breast cancer survivors. 


25% of Vicki’s work is done to correct unsatisfactory work done by others, or color that has faded or changed over time.

Vicki keeps up with the latest trends, products, and techniques, and has recently added a very popular service: Microblading.


She was raised in Huntington Beach California where she was certified in Permanent Cosmetics and Licensed in Electrolysis and has brought her unique talents to the Four Corners Area.


Vicki has worked with well known Physicians such as Dr. Winder, Dr. Naffziger, and is currently working with Dr. Todd Williams, San Juan Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jason Adams of Farmington, Dr. Christopher Roach, Four Corners Aesthetics & Women’s Health  and Dr. Ritz in Durango Colorado


Vicki has applied her many years of experience to help with corrective and reconstructive cosmetics for breast, ariolas, scars, as well as permanent cosmetics.

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Vicki Henke Permanent Cosmetics